Abbreviated as bend king.
    Abbreviated as bend king.
    Abbreviated as bend king.
    The bend, is alive, has the bending heart, can beat, changes the speed.

  • KTC is a top national children's balance car race founded by bike8 China in 2019.
    The first stop was held in Hangzhou in May 2019. Because of its more scientific racing system, each stop designed by professional racing drivers has a different unique track.
    With fairer grouping rules, fairer track selection, more humane incentive system and richer prizes, the first Hangzhou race attracted nearly 1,000 participants as soon as it was released.
    In 2019, Hangzhou-Fuzhou-Chengdu-Beijing four races were held one after another.
    Nearly a thousand contestants took part in each competition, which was popular all over the country in the first year of its founding, and produced a large number of loyal KTC fans who followed the whole race.
    Has been widely praised by the industry.

  • KTC is committed to promoting popular children's balance car races in Europe and the United States, giving more 2-and 6-year-old Chinese children the right access to balance cars, a sport that gives them courage and confidence.
    Through the new racing system and professional track design, so that children in entertainment to accept the challenge, in the growth of motivation.